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Our famous hydro-lift balayage, Olaplex and Aveda custom gloss treatments will give you long-lasting, strong, shiny locks. You will look more fabulous with the perfect hair color that showcases your personality and complements your lifestyle.

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  • Base/All Over Color 130 to 350
  • Balayage/Highlights 115 to 800
  • Aveda Gloss Treatment 95 up
  • Men’s Hair Color/Grey Color Blending 95 up
  • Fashion Color Consultation
  • Bleach & Tone 250 to 600
  • Color Correction Consultation

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Our experts will answer all your questions and concerns. We often perform test strands on you to ensure the desired results before proceeding with coloring.

By double-checking your hair color results after the service, our colorists will consult with you again to ensure you get the best color/balayage before leaving the salon.

Men often get hair color to appear younger and more refreshed.

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Smoothing Tame Frizz Condition Shine

Lasts 2 months

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Straightening Smoothing Tame Frizz Condition Shine

Lasts 3 to 4 months

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Straightening Smoothing Tame Frizz Condition Shine

Lasts 4 to 6 months


A: We specialize in providing comprehensive grey coverage solutions tailored to your preferences. Our experienced colorists use advanced techniques and high-quality products to achieve natural-looking results that seamlessly blend with your existing color.

We prioritize the health of your hair above all else. Our colorists are trained in minimizing damage using gentle bleaching methods and nourishing treatments. We created a Hydro-Lift process which leaves hair the best hair condition during color lifting. We also offer Olaplex and other restorative products to strengthen and protect your hair during and after the coloring process.
Balayage is a freehand hair coloring technique that creates a soft and natural-looking gradient effect. It’s popular because it requires less maintenance and grows out beautifully, meaning fewer visits to the salon. Our skilled colorists will customize the balayage to complement your skin tone and style preferences.
Absolutely, our salon provides specialized hair coloring services for men. Whether you’re looking for a subtle change, a touch of grey coverage, or a bold new look, our expert colorists can tailor the coloring process to suit your desired outcome.
The duration of a hair coloring session can vary based on the complexity of the service and your hair’s condition. Generally, a single process color can take around 1 hour, while more intricate techniques like balayage might take slightly longer. Your stylist can provide a more accurate estimate during your consultation.
To extend the life of your hair color, we recommend using color-safe shampoos and color deposit conditioners, washing your hair with cool water, and avoiding excessive sun exposure. Additionally, regular touch-up appointments will help maintain the vibrancy and freshness of your color.
Booking an appointment is simple. You can call our salon at 310 274 1553, visit our website’s Book Now page, or even stop by in person. Our friendly staff will assist you in finding a convenient time slot and the right service based on your needs. Feel free to customize these FAQs and answers to align with your salon’s specific offerings and brand voice. Providing clear and informative responses will help build trust with your potential clients and encourage them to choose your salon for their hair coloring needs.



I have kinky hair texture, will coloring dry out my hair?
Coloring kinky hair can potentially lead to dryness, but with proper care and the right techniques. We have many different options of high quality natural hair color. Our colorist will help you choose the best color option and treatment to ensure your hair conditioner looks shinier and feels better after coloring.

Diamond Smith



My hair turns brassy everytime I color my hair. What are my options?
Our expert colorists are trained to work with brassy hair color. We have customized formulas and to ensure your hair color does not turn brassy. We also help to educate our guests on proper care after their visit to ensure long lasting results.

Kate Jones


Success Stories

I was first nervous about coloring my hair but after consulting with the expert, We decided to perform Custom Aveda Color Gloss and of course I love the results. I love my new color now.

Brittney Miller

Being an ordinary girl I have been stressed out with my boring hair color all my life. I always just want to have fun.. I didn’t know that was possible until I tried Nelson J Salon. Honestly, they are the best in town. They turned my lifeless hair into Barbie pink.

Tracy Wilson

Hated my dark hair for 20 years and always wanted to try Blond but I was afraid of the damage Very happy to find Nelson J Salon, their love and care completely changed my life.

Michelle Cohen

I was so happy after my first color. I always just want a low maintenance color to wear my natural color with little gray showing. My gray hair is all blended very well. I look more refreshed and no one knows I color my hair. They are the best.

Ryan Klein 


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